Coverage: Large Program M17BL002: NESS

This page gives information about one of the coverage maps which is used by the Clash Tool to check for matches with your target coordinates.

Description of Coverage Map

This coverage map is based on the large program “Nearby Evolved Stars Survey” (M17BL002). Please see the program description for more information.

This survey targets a volume-limited sample of Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB) stars out to a radius of 2 kpc. It will include observations with SCUBA-2 and of CO 3–2 with HARP and CO 2–1 with RxA3m.

Additional Information about Coverage Map

Last updated 2017-05-31 19:21 UT  
Area covered 31.4 square degrees
This is the area of the sky included in this coverage map.

If you would like to inspect the coverage map in detail, you can download it as a MOC (Multi-Order Coverage) file in FITS format. This can be viewed with tools such as Aladin.