The Completed Proposal

Your completed proposal should end up looking something like the example below. (But of course with a lot more detail filled in!)

Things to check include:


Saving as a PDF File

Note that there is not (yet) a way to download a PDF file of your whole proposal. In the meantime, many systems offer the ability to print to a PDF file. Printing the proposal view page should produce a sensible version of the proposal (without the menu bar and navigation links), so you should be able to use this to save a copy of the proposal from your web browser.

  • Using Google Chrome

    With recent versions of Chrome, on the “Google Cloud Print” panel, you can click “Change” in the “Destination” section. Then select “Save as PDF”.

  • With Linux systems

    Assuming your system uses CUPS, you should be able to print to PDF but you may need to add the “CUPS PDF Printer” first. You can do this via the CUPS web interface (“Add Printer” button) or through the settings application. You may first need to install the corresponding software package — this may be called “cups-pdf” or “printer-driver-cups-pdf” depending on your Linux distribution.

  • With Mac OS X

    There is normally an option to save as PDF in the lower left corner of the print dialog box.

  • With Windows 10

    You should be able to save a PDF file by selecting “Microsoft Print to PDF” as your printer.